Photo: Ruthie Singer-Decapite

Terre Thaemlitz (JP)

Terre Thaemlitz (born in 1968, Missouri, USA) is an award winning multimedia producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio remixer, DJ, and owner of Comatonse Recordings. Her work combines a critical look at identity politics – including gender, sexuality, class, linguistics, ethnicity and race – with an ongoing analysis of the socio-economics of commercial media production.

He has released over 15 solo albums (including "Love For Sale" and "Oh, No! It’s Rubato", on Mille Plateaux, and "Souldnessless" and "Deproduction", on her own label Comatonse), as well as numerous 12-inch singles and video works. Her writings on music and culture have been published internationally in a number of books, academic journals and magazines.

As a speaker and educator on issues of non-essentialist Transgenderism and Queerness, Terre Thaemlitz has lectured and participated in panel discussions throughout Europe and Japan. As of January 2001, she resides in Japan. In the past, she has collaborated with musicians, artists and lecturers like Laurence Rassel, Bill Laswell, Mark Fell and Zeitkratzer.

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