Villa am Greisbachsee

Villa am Greisbachsee © Niclas Weber for Monheim Triennale

The formerly vacant house between Monheim and Baumberg was built in the 1950s on the banks of the Greisbachsee lake and has recently been made available to the Monheim Triennale as a residency. In the fall of 2023, the house was renovated and now serves as a residence for the international artists who come to Monheim am Rhein.

Festival director Reiner Michalke: “We are very happy to have the “Villa” as a venue for artistic work for the first time. The villa is an ideal location for accommodating musicians, as it is both close to the city center and secluded by the lake. We now have the opportunity to invite international guests over a longer period of time and thus contribute to the further development of Monheim as a city of culture.”

In regular house concerts and artist talks, artists give the audience an insight into their practice. Previous guests have included Peter Evans with his trio, Anushka Chkheidze and Shannon Barnett.

Left: Filmposter "Mama Africa", Right: Mika Kaurismäki filming kids in Soweto


Sunday, June 2, 2024, 1 pm: Conversation with documentary filmmaker Mika Kaurismäki

Finnish filmmaker Mika Kaurismäki is known for his great personal storytelling ability, which is particularly evident in his documentaries about music. His works “Moro do Brasil” (2002), “Brasileirinho” (2005), “Sonic Mirror” (2008) and “Mama Africa” (2011) reveal his remarkable sensitivity for capturing the processual nature of musical communication in images.

During The Prequel  (July 4 - 6, 2024) Mika Kaurismäki will produce a film documentary. In preparation, he will be visiting the artist residency of the Monheim Triennale, the Villa am Greisbachsee, at the beginning of June for a research visit.

There he will have a public conversation with music journalist and filmmaker Günther Huesmann about Kaurismäki´s cinematic work and in particular about his music-related films.

As seating capacity is limited, an invitation to the concert is required. To receive an invitation, please send a short message to the following address:
Admission to the events is free.

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