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Sofia Jernberg (SE)

The Dreams Of Our Future

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and mixed children choir

A brand new project by Sofia Jernberg pouring children’s dreams into lyrics, and having them sing these songs together as a choir, with music played by a who’s who of the Scandinavian improvisation scene - commissioned by Monheim Triennale and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, with support from Arts Council Norway.

Four አራት

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Both growing up in Ethiopia, but moving in different genres, rising star of Ethio-Jazz Samuel Yirga meets vocal technique virtuoso Sofia Jernberg, in their first encounter.

About Sofia Jernberg

Sofia Jernberg (born in 1983, Ethiopia) is a Swedish soprano, vocal artist, improviser and composer. As a true cosmopolitan she is equally at home in avant-garde jazz and improvised music, as well as contemporary new music. Jernberg has embarked on the self-imposed task of intensively exploring her voice’s instrumental possibilities, breaking down traditional genre boundaries and radically expanding them.

Sofia Jernberg is one of the so-called Third Culture Kids. Following her childhood years in Ethiopia, she spent four years in Vietnam, attending the International School of Vietnam in Hanoi. At the age of ten, in Sweden, she discovered her interest in sounds well beyond Western music traditions, beginning to immerse herself into the works of Sidsel Endresen and Diamanda Galás.

Jernberg is known for her unique and exceptional vocal repertoire which includes sounds and techniques often contradicting conventional vocal styles, such as an in-depth study of nonverbal vocalisations, split-tone singing or guttural distortion, as well as voiceless singing.
Jernberg studied jazz at the Fridhems Folk High School in Sweden and at the Gotland School of Music Composition (with Per Mårtensson and Henrik Strindberg). She is capable of wilfully using her voice as a multi-faceted instrument, cultivating an individual repertoire of sounds and eccentric techniques, for which she received the 2008 Jazz Award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

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