Photo: Frank Schemmann

Sam Amidon


Sam Amidon (born 1981 in Vermont, USA) is an American folk musician. Amidon who plays guitar, banjo, violin and also sings, succeeds to combine traditional North American music with current musical developments in his songs. He creates a sound which is both historically charged and contemporary in its own right.

Both his parents, Mary Alice Amidon and Peter Amidon, also folk musicians, had a major influence on Amidon’s musical development. Amidon is known to be stylistically open and very curious. His self-published debut album “Solo Fiddle” in 2001 exclusively showcased traditional Fiddle instrumentals. The uniqueness of Amidon's artistry results from his extremely playful and experimental approach as well as his distinctive vocals and idiosyncratic intonation.

Sam Amidon currently lives in London with his wife and son and maintains close relations with many international artists. He is one of the main artists of Bedroom Community, the Reykjavik-based record label collective founded by Valgeir Sigurðsson, Nico Muhly and Ben Frost, which released his second album “All Is Well” in 2008.
His current album “The Following Mountain” was released in 2017 by Nonesuch and, in contrast to his earlier albums, uniquely showcases his own compositions.

Amidon works a solo artist, but also engages in all manner of collective contexts ranging from street concerts to performances with a symphonic orchestra.

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