The Artists

Sixteen artists are invited to develop special programmes for Monheim. Each of the selected artists represents different facets of contemporary music, but they are united by one factor: the ability and courage to break new ground during the artistic process. This will be their mission for the Monheim Triennale.
Here you can find out more about the steadily developing programme and further information about the artists who have created these formations. We will announce the complete schedule with exact dates and times on March 2.

Sam Amidon (US) Lakecia Benjamin (US) Pan Daijing (CN) Kris Davis (US) Greg Fox (US) Shabaka Hutchings (GB) Sofia Jernberg (SE) Park Jiha (KR) Robert Landfermann (DE) Ava Mendoza (US) Marcus Schmickler (DE) Phillip Sollmann (DE) Terre Thaemlitz (JP) Julia Úlehla (US) Jennifer Walshe (IE) Stian Westerhus (NO)