Escalator Over The Hill - A Musical Approach

Coproduction with Musikschule Monheim and Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium

A concert recording from July 2nd, 2021, on the occasion of the special edition "The Prequel" of Monheim Triennale.
Venue: Festival Boat, duration: 29:09 Min

In a cooperative project between the Monheim Music School, Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium (High School) and the Monheim Triennale, artists from the festival line-up have approached Carla Bley's epochal work improvisationally together with children from the OHG orchestra classes, which are supervised by the music school.

For this purpose, the children have learned motifs from the piece, which have been arranged by the music teachers in such a way that they correspond to the children's abilities. In addition, the children work out models of how to deal with the material in a playful way. Thus prepared, they've met the Triennale musicians for a joint performance around "Escalator Over The Hill".

Director: Achim Tang

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