The Prequel

How it all begins

From July 1st to 3rd, 2021 we‘ve presented The Prequel. For this special edition of the Monheim Triennale we’ve invited a small but fine selection of artists who represent the idea of the Monheim Triennale at its best:
Yazz Ahmed, Sam Amidon, Olivia De Prato, Hibo Elmi, Greg Fox, Shahzad Ismaily, Sofia Jernberg, Robert Landfermann, Ingrid Laubrock, Ava Mendoza, Marcus Schmickler, Phillip Sollmann, Colin Stetson, Jennifer Walshe, Stian Westerhus, Mivos Quartet

The main venue was the ship MS Rheinfantasie

„The Prequel“ was neither meant as a substitute nor a compromise. 'The Prequel' told the story of how it could have been one year before the originally planned start of the festival in 2020: 14 artists coming together in Monheim am Rhein. They get to know each other, they get to know the city, they develop projects together and last but not least, they make music together. ‘The Prequel’ has been smaller than the originally planned Triennale edition for 2021, but more refined, more intimate and with a unique artistic profile. ‘The Prequel’ has been a laboratory, a workshop, a think tank where the future is imagined.

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