Park Jiha. Marcin T. Jozefiak for Monheim Triennale
Photo: Park Jiha. Marcin T. Jozefiak for Monheim Triennale

Park Jiha "The Gleam"

Saturday, June 25th 2022, 18:00h

Park Jiha is a Korean multi-instrumentalist and composer. She is currently causing quite a stir for her SXSW performance in Austin! Not without reason: she uses a variety of traditional Korean musical instruments in her performances. The musician's historical instruments will also be on display in Monheim, including a yanggeum (a hammered or plucked dulcimer), a piri (a thin pipe that sounds like an oboe), a saenghwang (a mouth organ) and lots of electronics.

Park Jiha's fascination with historical instruments and her passion for lucid, highly modern compositions combine to create unexpectedly enchanting music in transcultural transition. The influence of traditional Korean music is always audible, and in her performances she generates a musical flow that is at once gentle and calm, but also furious and stylistically challenging. Park Jiha's music draws its inspiring effect from this unsettling balance of energetically adventurous and quieter, calming moments. On stage she is all by herself, supporting her instrumental virtuosity with the latest hightech machinery, the perfect storm in the perfect silence. Get a first impression of Park Jiha here. In addition, Kristoffer Patrick Cornils offers a wonderful insight into her work in his Monheim Paper.

Park Jiha "The Gleam"

Park Jiha (Yanggeum, Piri, Saenghwang, elec, keyb)

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