Marcus Schmickler. Albrecht Fuchs for Monheim Triennale
Photo: Marcus Schmickler. Albrecht Fuchs for Monheim Triennale

Marcus Schmickler "Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft" (Concept of a Rhine Landscape)

Wednesdy, Juni 22nd 2022, 21:30h

For the Monheim Triennale 2022, hybrid sound composer and electronic musician Marcus Schmickler has developed two "Signature" projects: "Draft of a Rhine Landscape" on Wednesday 22 June 2022 and "Lehn/Schmickler meet Corsano" on Thursday 23 June 2022.

Schmickler's commissioned composition "Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft" (Concept of a Rhine Landscape) will open the Monheim Triennale on June 22, 2022. The composer is staging an open-air concert on both sides of the Rhine, addressing the relationship between near and far in music, text and performance. The composition, like many of Schmickler's works, is part of the tradition of experimental electroacoustics and computer music as it was shaped in Cologne, among other places.

Schmickler's fascination with this musical practice dates back to his childhood, when he first heard the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Schmickler, who teaches "Hybrid Sound Composition/ Composition and Medial Time Forms" at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, works in his Cologne based "Piethopraxis Tonstudio" on multi-channel works and sonification - the transfer of scientific data and models into sound.

Marcus Schmickler's composition for the Monheim Triennale "Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft" (Concept of a Rhine Landscape) draws from dialectical suspensions, from overcoming contradiction through music. By staging it on both banks of the Rhine, the tension between near and far, local and global, as well as borders (the Rhine as a "border river") and border crossings (also regarding the war in Ukraine) are translated into sound.

Interwoven with Rhenish sagas and myths such as the Rheingold and the Nibelungen and the national cult productions of Wagner and Nietzsche up to their deconstruction by Elfriede Jelinek, Schmickler poses the question of how sounds develop over great distances and what forms of transmission are possible. The musicians will play on two boats while a chorus of speakers quotes from Foucault's "Heterotopias." They will be joined by seven brass players, electronics, percussion, hero baritone Lucia Lucas, and vocal artists Jennifer Walshe, Stine Janvin, and Janneke van der Putten.

Marcus Schmickler "Concept of a Rhine Landscape"

Marcus Schmickler (comp), Susanne Blumenthal (cond)

Vocalists: Jennifer Walshe, Lucia Lucas, Stine Janvin, Janneke van der Putten, Ariana Lucas

Horns: Marco Blaauw (tr), Christine Chapman (flh), Christopher Collings (tr), Susanne Knoop (tr), Bruce Collings (tb), Matthias Muche (tb), Shawn Grocott (tb)

Marcus Schmickler (laptop), Yukari Yagi (perc),
Accordion Orchestra Bayer-Leverkusen, Theatre group ZWAR Baumberg & guests

Thomas Wegner (sound design)

Paul Jeukendrup (sound direction)

World premiere

Funded by:

Monheim Papers