Jennifer Walshe. Zachary Chick for Monheim Triennale
Photo: Jennifer Walshe. Zachary Chick for Monheim Triennale

Jennifer Walshe's "Bizarre Supergroup" with Matmos and Wobbly

Saturday, June 25th 2022, 19:00h

Jennifer Walshe is known for her unique work as a composer and performer. She has invited Matmos and Wobbly to the Monheim Triennale for her "Signature" project.

The compositions of the worldwide highly esteemed Jennifer Walshe oscillates between "musique concrete", minimalism, electroacoustics and vocals. They are characterised by fascinating exploratory journeys on specific themes and are therefore so well suited to those less formal contexts that Jennifer prefers for her performances. Her pieces are equally at home in large opera houses and theatres as in intimate spaces such as Zum goldenen Hans, where she performed ad hoc with Angelika Sheridan and Achim Tang in February 2020. For 2022, she has three experimental electronic superstars from San Francisco with her, Matmos (who are known to a wider audience for their productions for Björk) and Wobbly. It will be – as expected  – a sound journey into the unknown! More information about Jennifer Walshe can be found in our Monheim Papers.

Jennifer Walshe‘s "Bizarre Supergroup" with Matmos and Wobbly

Jennifer Walshe (comp, voc), M.C. Schmidt (electronics) Drew Daniel (electronics), Jon Leidecker (electronics)

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