Hibo Elmi
Photo: Hibo Elmi. De Lovie for Monheim Triennale

Hibo Elmi aka Hibotep with Nihiloxica: "Ruhan"

Saturday, June 25th 2022, 22:30h

For the "Signature" project "Ruhan", the artist Hibo Elmi has invited the band Nihiloxica.

The musician Hibo Elmi is best known in Europe as a DJ under her stage name Hibotep. She has three artistic contributions planned for the Monheim Triennale: a concert performance, a DJ set, and a poetry reading. In addition to her musical activities, she is also a filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, rapper and music producer.

The multi-talented artist was born in 1992 as daughter to Somali refugees in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. She embodies digital culture, high-energy and avant-garde electronic music as well as Kampala’s party scene, the city she currently lives in, with the great ancient cultural traditions of Somalia and Ethiopia, where people have been writing highly complex music and equally complex poetry for thousands of years.

This year, for her "Signature" project, Hibo Elmi is bringing the band Nihiloxica along, who, just like herself is closeley associated with the Nyege Nyege Festival in Kampala. Nihiloxica are Jacob Maskell-Key, Henry Kasoma, Jamiru Mwanje, Henry Isabirye and Peter Jones, five percussionists and electronic musicians from Uganda and the UK. They translate the ancient, very powerful Bugandan drum tradition of Uganda into deep techno for the contemporary dancefloors. The project title "Ruhan" means "spirits" in Somali.

Hibo Elmi aka Hibotep with Nihiloxica: "Ruhan"

Hibo Elmi (DJ, electronics), Nihiloxica: Jacob Maskell-Key (perc, electronics), Henry Kasoma (perc, electronics), Jamiru Mwanje (perc, electronics), Henry Isabirye (perc, electronics), Peter Jones (perc, electronics)

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