Greg Fox
Photo: Greg Fox. Katharina Poblotzki for Monheim Triennale

Greg Fox "Quadrinity+"

Thursday, June 23rd 2022, 19:00h

At the Monheim Triennale 2022, Greg Fox transfers his solo work to a quintet with typical jazz instrumentation. He will be joined by the highly acclaimed saxophonist Maria Kim Grand.

His "signature" project "Quadrinity+" puts his captivating skills to work as he combines the speed, power, and double-kick-pedal command with a startling fluidity derived from his in-depth study of advanced hand technique. But in Fox’s musical world, virtuosity is never an end in and of itself.

Greg Fox "Quadrinity+"

Greg Fox (dr), Michael Beharie (git), Justin Frye (b), Maria Kim Grand (ts, voc), Alex Zhang Hungtai (ts, dr)

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