The Prequel 2024

Design by Vasilis Marmatakis
Design by Vasilis Marmatakis

How it all begins – July 4 to 6, 2024

A Monheim Triennale extends over three years.

The Prequel is always the second part of a Monheim Triennale after The Sound.

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At The Prequel 2024, the Signature Artists of the Monheim Triennale II will meet for the first time. They get to know each other as well as the city of Monheim am Rhein and its people. They gather impressions and get inspired for their signature projects - and of course they introduce themselves with joint and solo concerts.

This is how the ideas for the large exclusive projects for bands and orchestras are born, which the Signature Artists will present the following year, i.e. at The Festival 2025, thus celebrating the climax of the Monheim Triennale II.

The Prequel is the workshop edition of the Monheim Triennale.

At The Prequel 2024 you have the opportunity to experience this unique approach of the Monheim Triennale from the very beginning.

In our archive you can get an impression of The Prequel 2021. At that time, the audience was given an exclusive and intimate insight into the creation of new music for the first time – a process that struck at the heart of the idea behind the Monheim Triennale:

The Prequel 2021 was the laboratory, the workshop, the think tank in which not only new music was created, but also the future of the Monheim Triennale was conceived.

At The Prequel in July 2024 we take up this thread again.

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