Videos on The Sound – Sonic Art in Public Spaces

Monheim Triennale II: The Sound – Sonic Art in Public Spaces. The Film

Watch the 20-minute documentary on the sound art exhibition The Sound - Sonic Art in Public Spaces with excerpts of the installations, performances and artist talks and with all participating artists.

Here you can find more videos with impressions of The Sound 2023:

Impressions I (short)

Impressions II (short)

More than a year before the start of the Monheim Triennale II, the sound artists of The Sound already came to Monheim am Rhein and worked on their projects for the exhibition.
Here are impressions from some of the visits:

Hakeem Adam presented by Emeka Ogboh

Anushka Chkheidze

Angela de Weijer

Caroline Devine

John Grzinich

Amber Meulenijzer

Rie Nakajima

Chris Watson

James Webb

Robert Wilson

And here you will find the press briefing for The Sound on Thursday, March 16, 2023 (English).