Robert Schumann Universität Düsseldorf

Institute for Music and Media (IMM)
Project Manager: Prof. Phillip Schulze

In the seminar "Acoustic Art", an expanded concept of music is explored theoretically and practically: sound and music in interaction with the visual and media arts, movement, space and form. How does the organisation of ephemeral works differ within different situation-specific contexts (including concert halls, museums, public space)? The aim is the production and realisation of an artistic work in a jointly conceived framework, outside the walls of the university.

Among others, projects have been realised in the following institutions: Kunstsammlung NRW K21 & K20, Simultanhalle, Botanical Garden Düsseldorf, Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Dusseldorf, St. Gertrud & St. Alban Cologne.

A seminar led by Phillip Schulze in the Master Sound & Reality from the Institute for Music and Media.

For the sound art exhibition The Sound - Sonic Art in Public Spaces, the students are working on compositions for the 14-voice bell mechanism at the Monheimer Doll Eck.

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