The initiator of the project is the Berlin media artist and sound engineer Udo Noll, who also developed and runs the crowd- sourced sound mapping project radio aporee, which has been running since 2006.

The project is run by a group of selected field recording activists. They are networked worldwide and set up streamings at various locations, which they offer as listening windows. In this way, they provide an artistic platform for debates on sound ecology and the perception of real spaces.

In cooperation with, The Sound is developing a listening window of live-streamed locations that will be acoustically reproduced in the public space in Monheim am Rhein by means of the sound elements of the monheim_cube.

Played was:
June 3 til 5 – Rhein at Baumberg, „A series of personal questions addressed to the River Rhine“ by James Webb

June 7 til 9 – Monheim tree island and wood bridge and sound objects by Rie Nakajima

June 10 til 12 – woodland at the river Mara/ Kenia by Chris Watson

June 20 til 24 – Live broadcast of the "Modular Organ System" by Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger

At the moment you can hear the sound map of Monheim am Rhein. is a participatory radio art project that addresses the ecological crisis, its impact on our environment and the possibilities for action. The project aims to build a network between individuals and organisations engaged in these issues - with all their respective practices from art and science to activism.

To expand and interweave knowledge and sensibilities, encourages critical listening to live soundscapes of 1st to 3rd natures. "Natures" in this context refer to places with varying degrees of land use and degradation, from wild nature to agricultural and urban/industrial zones. "3rd natures" are considered cultural constructions that are open-ended, speculative and intertwined with the ideas and problems of the Anthropocene. is a critical listening space for live soundscapes from the 1st to the 3rd nature. "Only from the possible limit of devastation is it conceivable what the earth could be as a home." (Hartmut Böhme)

Project website

Here you can already find acoustic content in the sound map in Monheim am Rhein. You are welcome to contribute audio examples yourself.