Myriam Lefkowitz

Myriam Lefkowitz
Myriam Lefkowitz © Barbara Coffy

“Walk, Hands, Eyes (Monheim)”, 2023
1:1 city walks
Starts between 3pm and 6pm, duration: 1 hour
Starting point "Zum goldenen Hans", Ernst-Reuter-Platz 14
On the weekends 3/4 June, 10/11 June, 24/25 June and 1/2 July

Tickets for The Sound – "Walk, Hands, Eyes (Monheim)" by Myriam Lefkowitz on – free of charge!

"Walk, Hands, Eyes (Monheim)" is a practice by Paris-based artist Myriam Lefkowitz to see cities from a new perspective - and thus to re-experience one's own city, which has become mundane or taken for granted.

Lefkowitz invited participants to take silent walks through the city streets during The Sound in Monheim am Rhein. Each participant was individually guided by a performer through the streets of the city. During the walk with closed eyes, the conditions for mutual trust were explored and nonverbally negotiated.

In this 1:1 experience, the artist invited us to explore the connections between perception, imagination and attention. In doing so, the work played with the connections between these elements and the city itself.

To note, the experience involved an immediate and silent relationship with a guide and the building of trust through touch.


Myriam Lefkowitz is a performance artist, born in 1980, based in Paris. Since 2010, her research is focused on questions of attention and perception. Research which she is developping through different immersive devices involving a direct encounter between spectators and performers. Her work has been presented at the Venice Biennale (Lithuanien and Cyprus Pavillon), the MOT (Tokyo), De Appel (Amsterdam), Le Nouveau Festival (Centre Pom- pidou), The Bergen Triennal, The Kadist Foundation (Paris), the Talbot Rice Gallery (Edin- burgh), Bétonsalon (Paris), La Ferme du Buisson (Noisiel), La Galerie (Noisy le Sec). In 2011, she took part in the master of experimentation in Art and Politics (SPEAP, Science Po Paris) founded by the philosopher Bruno Latour. She becomes a tutor in the program in 2013. In 2018 she was commissioned by If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (Amsterdam). She is currently working on a film in collaboration with the artist Simon Ripoll- Hurier, teaching at the school of Art and Design Talm (Angers) and is pursuing her research in the context of la facultad, a long term project conceived with the performing artist Catalina Insignares in collaboration with the performer and dancer Julie Laporte – adressed to people in situation of exil and migration.

Myriam Lefkowitz,
Myriam Lefkowitz, "Walk, Hands, Eyes", Festival Theaterformen 2017, Hannover © Moritz Kuestner