2022 The Festival

The Adventure begins

The Festival is the crowning finale of the Monheim Triennale, which extends over three years. The event cycle is opened by the sound art festival The Sound. In the following year, the Signature-Artists meet for the first time as part of The Prequel. In the third year, these artists present their Signature-Projects, often developed exclusively for Monheim, at The Festival. In addition, there will be encounters with other Monheim Triennale musicians, as well as projects with Monheim schoolchildren.

At the end of the first Monheim Triennale, The Festival with almost 100 musicians took place from June 22 to 26, 2022. They performed exclusive commissions, realized their Signature-Projects and improvised in unique ad-hoc formations at a total of six concert venues.

The Artists
Signature Projects
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