2020 Marcus Schmickler "Could You Patent the Sun?"

With the sound production "Could You Patent the Sun?" on July 1, 2020, composer Marcus Schmickler has given a foretaste of what to expect on June 22, 2022 in Monheim am Rhein as opening of the first edition the Monheim Triennale: The evening-filling "draft of a Rhine landscape" with sounds from both sides of the river. The 20-minute work "Could You Patent the Sun?" was just a preview, which nevertheless provided an unforgettable adventure.

Participating artists

Marcus Schmickler - electronics, composition
Jennifer Walshe - Vocals
Okkyung Lee - Voice
Brass musicians of the Ensemble Musikfabrik:
Christine Chapman (h)
Marco Blaauw (tp)
Bruce Collings (tb)
Melvyn Poore (eu)

Thanks to

Vanessa Stratmann - Camera
Adrian Breuer - Camera
Alex Opherden - drone
Rhino Frers - Photos
Roman Szczesny - camera, video editing
Thomas Venker - camera, video editing