First Monheim Triennale

The story of the first Monheim Triennale sounds like this in fast forward:

On July 1, 2020, composer Marcus Schmickler opened the Monheim Triennale with his sound production "Could You Patent the Sun?" on the banks of the Rhine in Monheim am Rhein.

In the following year, Signature-Artists met for the first time at The Prequel and performed unique concerts ranging from solo to large formation on a small scale.

In the third year, these artists presented their signature projects, often developed exclusively for Monheim, at The Festival.

In addition, there were many encounters with other Monheim Triennale musicians, some of them entirely new, as well as projects with Monheim schoolchildren.

2020 Could You Patent the Sun?
2021 The Prequel
2022 The Festival
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