Meghan Stabile 1982 – 2022 (US)

© Nikki Birch

We mourn the passing of our curatorial team member Meghan Stabile. Meghan Stabile, New York City, was a graduate of Berklee College of Music and was described by the New York Times as a "modern impresario". Her concert series combined improvised jazz and hip-hop to create new standards and imagined music in an entirely new way. Meghan Stabile was President and CEO of Revive Music Group after signing on as Executive Producer for Blue Note Records. She was also Creative & Brand Consultant for a number of independent artists. Meghan Stabile's sudden and unexpected death in June 2022 saddens us greatly. Through her work, she has shaped the international music world over the past two decades, and as a curator, her musical knowledge and artistic vision have been instrumental in the creation and development of the Monheim Triennale.