Artist in Residence

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With the appointment of Achim Tang as Artist in Residence, the Monheim Triennale has already created a direct link between the festival and urban society before its first edition. Tang has been living and working in Monheim am Rhein since 2019. He is both an ambassador for the festival and its musical-artistic content as well as a cooperation partner and initiator of diverse cultural education activities in the city.

Achim Tang

Achim Tang was born in Berlin in 1958. As a double bass player, he is rooted in jazz and improvised music. In addition to his work as a concertizing musician, he has made a name for himself primarily as a music mediator in an expanded field of music and cultural education. In this context, Achim Tang has conceived and directed a variety of different projects over the past years - especially in socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

After his studies at the Music Academy in Graz, Achim Tang lived in Vienna for many years, where he was active in interdisciplinary projects as well as composing for film, theater and dance performances. During this time he was also involved in the "Klangnetzen", an innovative music education project on the possibilities of an artistic mediation of New Music in general education schools, which received attention far beyond the borders of Austria.

In 2004 Achim Tang moved from Vienna to Cologne and devoted himself increasingly to working on music pedagogical concepts and their practical implementation. He consistently seeks ways to integrate pedagogical approaches into his own artistic practice and to recreate genuinely artistic processes with children, young people and adult musical laypeople. In addition to his practical project work in Cologne, Achim Tang was involved in the mediation program "nimm!" of the "moers festival" and worked as a lecturer for the Cologne University and the Cologne University of Music.

Here you can find the current dates of Achim Tang in Monheim.

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