The Team

Who are the people behind the Monheim Triennale? Different paths lead us together. We are united by curiosity and the anticipation of a festival that has never existed in this form before. From production to communication, technique and design - we are spread all over Europe, but Monheim am Rhein always brings us to a common place.

Festival director

Reiner Michalke


Sabrina Lahoud (Leitung)
Jennifer Löchel
Christian Kaindl (Fringe Programm)

Communication & Marketing

Markus Müller (Leitung)
Adrian Breuer
Judith Kobus (Artist Relations)
Thomas Venker (Artist Relations)
Achim Tang (Artist in Residence)


Björn Wiesehöfer
Jojo Tillmann (Licht)


Vasilis Marmatakis
Christian Schäfer


Fabian Ehmel