Photo: Seb JJ Peters

Yazz Ahmed (GB)

British-Bahraini artist, Yazz Ahmed (born in 1983, Bahrain) is an incredibly exciting and accomplished trumpet player, composer and producer, who has long garnered global acclaim. When she came to London, her maternal grandfather (jazz trumpeter Terry Brown) encouraged her to play the trumpet. Through her music, Yazz Ahmed blurs the lines between jazz and electronic sound design, bringing together the sounds of her two countries of origin. One critic spoke in this regard of "psychedelic Arabic jazz, intoxicating and compelling," quoting the homepage of Yazz Ahmed.

Yazz Ahmed’s debut album "Finding My Way Home" (2011) integrates her first explorations of Arabic music elements, introducing her as an innovative performer and composer. In 2016, she began writing music for her newly developed quarter-tone flugelhorn. This is a unique instrument, enabling her to get even closer to the spiritual nature of the "blue notes" in Arabic music, deeply infusing her sound with her heritage. One of the reasons why her second album "La Saboteuse" (2017) also made a global impact beyond the traditional boundaries of the jazz community.

"La Saboteuse Remixed" (2018) underlines her growing fascination with electronic music. In collaborations with some eminent European DJ’s, four of the pieces from the original album were arranged, "reimagined" and taken to a new realm reaching out to a new audience.

On her current release "Polyhymnia", she dedicates six tracks to six different women who have inspired her and whom she describes as important role models. In Greek mythology, "Polyhymnia" is the muse of music, poetry and dance. An EP with electronic remixes was also produced from this album in November 2020.

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Monheim Meeting #1
Thu, 07/01/21, 17:00, Zum goldenen Hans

Yazz Ahmed & Rabih Lahoud

Round Robin „Escalator Over The Hill“ (The Prequel #1)
Thu, 07/01/21, 19:00, Festival Boat

Alternating duos with Yazz Ahmed, Sam Amidon, Hibo Elmi, Greg Fox, Shahzad Ismaily, Sofia Jernberg, Robert Landfermann, Ingrid Laubrock, Ava Mendoza, Marcus Schmickler, Phillip Sollmann, Colin Stetson, Stian Westerhus

The Prequel #4
Fri, 07/02/21, 21:30, Festival Boat
  • Sam Amidon & Mivos Quartet
  • Stian Westerhus solo
  • Colin Stetson, Marcus Schmickler, Shahzad Ismaily, Yazz Ahmed
The Prequel #6
Sat, 07/03/21, 21:30, Festival Boat
  • Ingrid Laubrock, Yazz Ahmed, Greg Fox
  • Marcus Schmickler & Robert Landfermann
  • The Grand Finale "And It's Again"