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Phillip Sollmann (DE)

Phillip Sollmann (born in 1974, Kassel, Germany) is a DJ and producer, as well as a sound artist who addresses numerous levels of audio in his musical scope. He has produced electronic music since the late 1990s, first on the Tobin imprint (with Alexander Polzin), later (and currently) under the project name Efdemin, with the Hamburg-Berlin label Dial. Phillip Sollmann is a resident DJ at the Berlin club Berghain, and its electroacoustic salon. He is well appreciated globally for his broad-ranged techno productions and DJ sets.

Phillip Sollmann studied Electroacoustic Music (ELAK) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Besides his current involvement in club culture, he explores the tension between mechanical sound production, sound installations and electroacoustic compositions in various projects. He currently works with Konrad Sprenger on the development of the Modular Organ System, a spatial sound concept based on air-powered organ pipes, controlled via MIDI.

Phillip Sollmann and John Gürtler released the album "Gegen die Zeit" on the label Sky Walking. He is composing for the Berlin Zafraan Ensemble, making crossovers between New Music, improvisation and ambient. Phillip Sollmann's conceptual composition “Monophonie”, which he wrote for instruments built by composer Harry Partch, sound sculptures made by Harry Bertoia, and for one of Hermann von Helmholtzs’ sirens, was premiered at the Berliner Volksbühne in collaboration with the Ensemble Musikfabrik in 2017. It was also performed at Kampnagel in Hamburg, and at the Ruhrtriennale in Bochum. In 2020, "Monophonie" was released on the Ostgut Ton sub-label a-ton.

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Listening Session #2
Fri, 07/02/21, 23:30, Festival Boat

Phillip Sollmann (Experimental/Ambient Set)

Artist Talks
Sat, 07/03/21, 11:00, Comfort Hotel Monheim
The Prequel #5
Sat, 07/03/21, 19:00, Festival Boat
  • Ava Mendoza, Stian Westerhus, Shahzad Ismaily, Phillip Sollmann, Greg Fox
  • Colin Stetson solo
  • Sofia Jernberg, Sam Amidon, Shahzad Ismaily, Robert Landfermann
The Prequel #6
Sat, 07/03/21, 21:30, Festival Boat
  • Ingrid Laubrock, Yazz Ahmed, Greg Fox
  • Marcus Schmickler & Robert Landfermann
  • The Grand Finale "And It's Again"