Photo: Albrecht Fuchs

Marcus Schmickler (DE)

About Marcus Schmickler

Marcus Schmickler (born in 1968, Cologne, Germany) is a composer of contemporary electronic and new music. Whether as free improviser, audio-visual sound sculptor or representative of contemporary computer music in a club context, he is one of the most relevant avant-garde protagonists of our time.

During his musicology studies in Cologne (with majors in composition and electronic music), Marcus Schmickler initiated “a-musik” with friends, in 1995: to this day a worldwide outstanding experimental music construct comprising a record store, distribution and label, managed by Georg Odijk.
In the mid-1990s, Marcus Schmickler also founded his post-rock solo project Pluramon (released on Mille Plateaux and Karaoke Kalk) proving his claim as a musician across genres early on. His work references the influential German electronic music tradition, French spectral music, American experimental and noise music, as well as club music in general. His music is characterised by harmonious colours and microtonal moods, engaging in a forward-looking discourse about algorithmic techniques during sound production.
Most of Marcus Schmickler's music is designed for multi-channel sound projections. His oeuvre includes numerous sound installations specifically created for a site, interdisciplinary works (crossing into film and lighting art) as well as artistic collaborations (with theatre director Felix Ensslin and visual artist Gerhard Richter).

Marcus Schmickler runs the electroacoustic studio Piethopraxis, in Cologne.

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