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Hibo Elmi (UG)

A walking, breathing example of the diversity of Kampala’s arts and culture scene, Hibo Elmi is, amongst other things, a DJ, filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, rapper and producer. Calling herself a cultural nomad, her one rule is that rules are there for beeing broken. A philosophy that extends to her DJ sets where, trap, hip-hop, house and genres such as Kenya’s Taraab or Morocco’s Gnawa, collide in a vibrant contemporary collage.
After beeing featured under her artist name Hibotep with several appearances on the video DJ format Boiler Room and on the London radio station NTS Radio (among others in the context of the Nyege Nyege Festival), she was personally invited to the Forecast Festival in Berlin by the American musician and network theorist Holly Herndon, where she performed under her poetic alias "Ninjabi".

The world of Hibotep cannot be summed up in a few words. She herself shuns definitions and boxes wherever she finds them. Yesterday she was a fashion designer dressing up the cool kids of Kampala. Today she is shooting music videos for experimental Senegalese artists. Then she is performing dark trap on boiler room stage at Nyege Nyege and now she is working on a psychosonic installation with the world famous producer Holly Herndon. Everything is and remains in flux, and Hibotep was, is and shall forever attempt to embody that flux in her art, in raising a family and in life.

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The Prequel #2
Thu, 07/01/21, 21:30, Festival Boat
  • Colin Stetson & Greg Fox
  • Ava Mendoza solo
  • Sam Amidon „The Following Mountain“
  • Hibo Elmi, Sam Amidon, Greg Fox, Shahzad Ismaily
Listening Session #1
Thu, 07/01/21, 23:30, Festival Boat

Hibotep (DJ-Set)

Artist Talks
Fri, 07/02/21, 11:00, Comfort Hotel Monheim
The Prequel #6
Sat, 07/03/21, 21:30, Festival Boat
  • Ingrid Laubrock, Yazz Ahmed, Greg Fox
  • Marcus Schmickler & Robert Landfermann
  • The Grand Finale "And It's Again"
Listening Session #3
Sat, 07/03/21, 23:30, Festival Boat

Hibotep (DJ-Set)