Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Greg Fox (US)

Greg Fox (born in 1985, New York City, USA) started his career as interdisciplinary artist, drummer and multi-instrumentalist in Brooklyn's experimental metal scene, before going on detours into the international avant garde jazz and art scene. Greg Fox holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Art from the renowned Bard College in New York.

His reputation as a highly virtuosic hyperspeed drummer was well-earned during his worldwide tour with the black metal band Liturgy (with whom he released the albums "Renihilation", "Aesthethica" and "The Art Work"). After departing that band, Greg Fox dedicated himself to cross-genre collaborations for example with Australian composer Ben Frost, New York jazz noise project Zs and bass saxophonist Colin Stetson. All of these projects are shaped by his will to constantly challenge himself artistically.

The same could be said about his studies with legendary drummer Milford Graves which represented a turning point in his artistic work. With Graves, Fox produced MIDI-controlled music based on triplet rhythms of his own heartbeat. This resulted in his first solo album "Mitral Transmission" (2014). Inspired by his passion to harmonise percussion beats with organic sounds and modern technology, Greg Fox started to work with the hardware/software system Sensory Percussion, with which he triggers and modulates self-developed sounds (synthetic sounds or field recordings) via his drumset. The acoustic drumkit thus becomes a sensory interface for communication with his audience.

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