Artist in Residence

With Artist in Residence Achim Tang the Monheim Triennale already creates ties between the city’s residents and the festival well before its first edition. Since 2019 Achim Tang resides and works in Monheim, acting as an ambassador for the festival and its musical/artistic contents, as well as participating in various collaborations to further stimulate the city’s cultural development.

Achim Tang

Achim Tang, born 1958 in Berlin, is a double bass player with a background in jazz and improvised music. Apart from his work as a concert musician, he is also known in the area of music and cultural education for his approach to teach music to a broader audience. In recent years, Tang has developed and lead a large number of varied projects focusing on socio-economically disadvantaged communities. In addition, he was involved in adult education as well as theoretical reflection of his work.

After completing his studies at the Musikhochschule in Graz, Austria, Tang lived in Vienna for many years. In Vienna, he did not just actively take part in many concert activities, but also in interdisciplinary projects or as a composer for film, theatre and dance performances. During this time he was also involved in the ‘Klangnetzen’, an innovative music pedagogy project on the possibilities of artistically teaching New Music at general secondary schools, which was noticed far beyond the Austrian borders.

In 2004, Achim Tang moved from Vienna to Cologne and increasingly devoted himself to work on music pedagogy concepts and their practical implementation. He consistently looks for possibilities to integrate pedagogical approaches into his own artistic practice. His aim is to genuinely understand artistic processes in children, adolescents and/or adult musical laypersons. In addition to his practical project work in Cologne, Tang was also involved in the educational programme ‘nimm!’ at ‘moers festival’ and worked as a lecturer at the University of Cologne and the Musikhochschule Köln.

Selected projects

Creative Week for Children at Sojus 7

Creative Week in Foreign Galaxies: Mid-August the 25th edition of the Creative Week for Children aged 6 to 12 years took place at Sojus 7. The topic was ‘Outer Space’. Music in space: What does music sound like in vast outer space? Can we communicate on a musical level with extra-terrestrial beings who might want to visit us? During that week we looked for sounds and songs, instruments and playing styles that make our idea of space audible in an open, playful process. 

The results of the Creative Week for Children are available for download here: Download.

The Open Music Room — an informal music programme at ‘Haus der Jugend’ in Monheim

The open music room, aka the ‘Offene Musikraum’, offers music lessons and experiences at Monheim’s Haus der Jugend. Young people are invited to experience music in an accessible way. Our goal is to offer young people an inviting space for musical encounters and creative experiments. The Offene Musikraum is open for two hours once a week. Unlike most other current music projects, the Offene Musikraum does not rely on regular participation by a set group of young people, nor is there necessarily a performative presentation at the end. The focus is entirely to make music together, in an artistic sense and as social interaction.

Due to the group’s expected fluctuation, a new approach to the creation of music has to be negotiated and worked on each time, influenced by the individual interests and abilities of those present at any given time.

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